For over 60 years, Lee Surveying & Mapping, LLC has been the team of land surveyors you can trust in Bellefontaine, OH, and surrounding communities. Since our beginning, we have provided a variety of land surveying, property surveying, and mapping services to Logan County and the West Central Ohio area. We are proud to serve both residential and commercial clients, and are dedicated to providing quality, trustworthy land surveying services.

Our services include:

This type of survey meets the specific needs for land title insurance programs. It is a specialized boundary survey that has to meet the minimum detail and precision requirement established by the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping (ACSM) and the American Land Title Association (ALTA).

This type of map is used when you need to add property to a city, corporation or village limits.

This is a survey carried out immediately after or during a construction project for record, completion evaluation, and payment purposes.

A form of real property, condominium properties are a when a specific part of a real estate lot are individually owned, while the use and access to common facilities (hallways, heating systems, exterior areas, elevators and so on) is controlled by the association of owners that all jointly represent the whole property piece.

A construction layout takes your architectural or engineered plans and stakes the buildings or other improvements in the correct location in the property to be built.

A flood survey checks elevations to see if your property is inside the flood plain based on FEMA flood maps. If your property is found to be above the base flood plain elevation, we can fill out the forms needed to remove your property from the flood plain.

This type of survey established boundaries of a land parcel using its legal description. This typically involves setting or restoring monuments or markers at the corners or along the lines of the parcel. These are often in the form of iron rods, concrete monuments, or pipes in the ground, or nails set in asphalt or concrete.

This is a simple survey that delineates building locations and land boundaries. Many lending institutions require a mortgage survery as a pre-condition for a mortgage loan.

** Please note, a mortgage survey is NOT the same as a land survey.

This type of survey measures the elevation of points of a particular piece of land, which are then presented as contour lines on a plot.

A subdivision layout converts a large piece of land into subdivisions and lots.