Frequently Asked Questions

Over the years, we have received a lot of questions about land surveying in Bellefontaine, OH. As a business or property owner, or prospective property owner, it is a good idea to know how land surveying can benefit you. In addition, it is important to know when to have your land surveyed.

When or why should I get my land surveyed?

It is important to get your land surveyed whenever you do not know clearly know where the property line is on your parcel. This means you should have a land surveyor visit your land before you buy or sell land where you do not know where the property line is, as well as before you build a fence, shed, or building anywhere near an unknown property line. This also applies to when timber is to be cut near a property line, or when you believe you might have an encroachment on your land.

In addition, if you applying for title insurance or a loan, the bank or your attorney may require a land surveyor to clear up the land description and verify where structures are located on the property. so the lending institution can finalize the loan.

What affects the cost of a land survey?

Many factors go into how much a land survey costs. Anything from weather conditions, season, and the size and shape of the parcel play a role in the cost of the land survey.

Here are some factors that affect the cost of a land survey:


If the number of deeds that need to be researched are complicated and filled with vague, contradictory, or incomplete legal descriptions, this can lengthen the process. The deeds for abutting properties will also need to be researched, and unrecorded deeds and agreements will need to be resolved.


Cornerstones, designated trees and other landmarks on the property assist the surveyor in determining property boundaries and lines. The absence of these landmarks makes it harder for the land surveyor to determine the property lines. This is where cooperative neighbors come in handy.


Like field evidence, monuments on the property help to determine corners and boundaries on a property. If new monuments need to be installed, this can prolong the surveying process a bit, as well as add additional costs, depending on what material is used for the monuments.


These are the necessary details that need to be shown on a survey map. This includes the requirements of Planning Commissions, Architects, Professional Engineers, Title Insurance Companies, and so on can affect the time it takes to produce an accurate map.


Properties with an irregular shape have more corners and a longer boundary than a property with the same area and a square layout.


An open, flat field is easier to survey than mountain woodlands. Vegetation, streams, and cliffs can lengthen and complicate the surveying process.


Deep winter snow inhibits travel ability and thick summer foliage can restrict sighting distances.


The amount of documentation and verification title insurance companies need can be quite considerable.

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